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mine-it and Surpac-Minex feel bound to provide a perfect support to their clients and Surpac-users. This is believed to be an prime precondition for a successful and efficient application of the mine-planning software Surpac.
Besides the continuous support dealing with distinct questions or problems regarding the handling of Surpac (helpdesk service), mine-it also organizes from time to time Surpac-user-meetings.

These meetings are intended to enhance the exchange of experiences between our users, provide information about the recent and future developments of Surpac, and also to support the efficient application of Surpac by respective trainings and workshops. Typically the Surpac-user-meetings cover two days, the first mainly dedicated to give up-to-date and first-hand information, the second primarily organized as a training or workshop, so that both the theoretical and the practical aspects of using Surpac can be dealt with.

Information about events coming up you can find here.

You are invited to visit also the pages with reviews of the previous meetings. This give a good idea on content, organization and participants of theses events.