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mine-it is in a constant contact with all Surpac users in Austria and tries to provide superior support and help in using the software.

Overview of our services:

guidance during purchase

Based on the long-time experience with Surpac Vision mine-it can support clients interested in purchasing Surpac in respect to selection of the required and useful moduls with regard to the applications kept in mind. By this the most beneficial configuration can be achieved.

support during implementation and operation

Surpac offers (and recommends) an option for maintenance and update of the licence. Maintenance includes a hot-line for assistance in case of any problems with using Surpac, which is executed for Austrian clients by mine-it.

assisting communication with Surpac

Surpac is very engaged in a vivid exchange of experiences and wishes with its users in order to constantly improve the software to the clients needs. For all those who prefer to to this in german language mine-it is glad to take over te communication between the users and Surpac.

training and meetings

mine-it offers trainings both on general and specific topics. This is a very preferable way to put Surpac into work in the most efficient manner. Training can be done either directly at the clients site or within the facilities of mine-it.

In addition mine-it organizes annual user-mettings. These metings are intended to enhance the exchange of experiences between the users, and also to give the most up-to-date information on the recent and future developments of Surpac.

See also user-meeting 2004!


Surpac Vision provides a very powerful feature for automizing standardized processes. This is a perfect mechnism to increase efficiency and at the same time limit eventual typing errors.

For all clients that have less exerience in programming or not enough resource to develop these routines for their own, mine-it offers to take over this task. mine-it has particular know-how in SCL/TCL programming and has built already several applications running sucessfully at our clients sites.