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ProMIS is a general tool for the acquisition of data relevant for the performance of a open pit mine. Due to an ingenious data structure the product can be adjusted to the needs of the client - ranging from rather simple to quity fancy applications. ProMIS was developed within a very successful (and still ongoing) cooperation with scientific organizations and the mining industry. With its powerful analysis functions ProMIS is a real data management rather than only an aquisition tool.

Generalized system

Basically ProMIS is a general system, i.e. for all applications the identical package is used. Adjustments for the needs of the client are done on a configuration basis which does not require any programmin effort. This results in significant cost advantages for the customer. In the same way all clients benefit from the steady improvments and developments. A further advantage hardly to underestimate is the flexibility towards future needs.

Flexibility and adjustability

Adjustability to the individual needs and demands of a particular operation is the key-factor for a successful data-management system. The continuous technical development in past enables nowadays data aquisition at reasonable cost. This trend is expected to continue and even accelerate in the future, which requires a dynamic and "living" data management system to keep track and hence take full advantage from these benefits. Important for smaller operation this concept also enables to start with a comparable small system and gradually expand if required.


ProMIS has a modular design so that the package (and the costs) can be well aligned with the needs of a client.

Comprehensive system

All essential procedures taking place in a quarry are covered by ProMIS, i.e. drilling and blasting, mucking, hauling and crushing. The scope of the data ranges from simple operating hours of equipment and personnel to very specific tasks in particular for drilling and blasting.
Almost all data can be referenced by the (constantly changing) geometric situation of the pit as well as with the deposit characteristics, e.g. for means of quality control.
All data can be interlinked on different levels for analysis and validation purposes.

Data acquisition

There are two main types of data acquisition: entering data manually by the keyboard or loading data from external data acquisition devices. Manual data entry is still an important issue and ProMIS offeres several options of userfriendly interfaces suitable for different levels of how detailed data should be stored. For external data sources ProMIS has a very powerful importing feature, capable for most data types and which also can handle preprocessing of intedependend data. Complex import routines are part of the configuration of the system for the client.


Data analysis is an incorporated part of the concept of ProMIS, which benefits in particular from the flexible underlaying approach. Analysis is of prime importance for the validation of the data but most of all for the utilization of the data. ProMIS provides several levels of complexity of the analysis ranging from simple reporting to individual data investigations.