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With ProMIS (Professional Mining Information System) mine-it has developed a high-quality and flexible tool for acquisition, processing and analysis of data relevant within a open-pit mining operation.

Nowadays the availability of reliable and significant data is fundamental for the regular operation of a mine and actually indispensable for the ongoing optimization of the involved procedures. Proper applications of this technology are likely to lead to improvements both in administration and production, and so have usually a very brief return of investment.

The prime features of ProMIS are:

  • comprehensive data compilation including cross references
  • flexible adjustability to particular needs of any operation
  • referencing data with pit-geometry and deposit characteristics
  • integrated data analysis through all fields of data
  • modular design
  • user friendly
  • field-proven
  • capable for network- and multi-user-application

Your advantages:

  • Easy supervision and validation of the performance of the operation
  • Ideal basis for management decisions referring to equipment and organisation
  • steady and automatic documentation (internal and external)
  • Improvement of the communication within the operation through availablity of information
  • efficient utilization of the data aquisition capabilities of modern equipment
  • increasing information and reliability by cross-referencing data
  • low-cost implementation - due to the general approach of the product no expensive programming is required for customizing.
  • Flexible in respect to adjustment and enhancement of the system over the years