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mine-it offers mainly services in the fields of mine design and datamanagement for mining. The paricular focus on these fields of activities is an important factor to provide superior services and products. Together with our partners however we are also able to handle most fields of interest for the mining industry.

data management

mine-it has longterm experience in the field of data managament in mining. With ProMIS, the main product offered, it succeeded to develop a system which incorporates all aspects of mineral production in open pit mining and quarrying, an which yet is flexible enough to be adapted exactly to the distinct needs of a particular mining operation. This generalized approach makes it possible to offer a high-quality system at reasonable costs, which makes ProMIS a prime option for quarrying and mid-size open pit operations. Several operations in Austria and abroad have already introduced ProMIS and are very satisfied by its performance.

mine design

The application of technologies such as CAD and data management along with our experience in many and rather diverse mining projects allows us to handle and solve even komplex problems very efficiently.
Particular focus is on aspects such as environmental-friendly design of quarries, reserve calculations, quality prediction and quality control and optimization of in-pit haulage, to mention the most important.

Surpac Minex

Surpac Vision is a comprehensive software system for orebody evaluation, open pit and underground mine design, mine planning and production. It is the most widely used system of its kind in the world, with clients across 85 countries.
mine-it has long experience with this product both in application for our projects and in supporting customers.
Since end of 2002 mine-it is now offical "associated partner" of Surpac Minex and responsible for the marketing and supporting of Surpac Minex products in Austria.